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We have been involved in the livestock and meat wholesale trade for more than 30 years.
Our buying and selling activities in the live animal trade (breeding Holstein, Fleckvieh,  Brown swiss, Jersey, Charolais,  Simmental,  Limousin, Angus  and other cattle and slaughter cattle) are not limited to Eastern and Western Europe but also include Africa and Asia.  You will also find our exported animals from the Sahara through to Siberia.
Through our many years of experience in importing and exporting live animals, we can assure our customers that the animals will arrive at their site in a very good condition.
All valid veterinary and transport regulations as well as animal protection regulations are strictly and conscientiously complied with.
FARHAT GmbH provides contacts between breeding enterprises in Germany and throughout the world.
Our goal is reliability and quality assurance in the interest of our customers.

Selection and Dispatch

The animals we export are selected by us or by our customers themselves direct at the breeding enterprises. Already during the selection process we watch out for a good quality in the animals.

All necessary accompanying documents are carefully prepared by our staff.


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